Proxy Zone

One Time Purchase with Lifetime License!

Proxy Zone is a powerful proxy scraper that can scrape thousands of proxies within a second.


Last Updated: Sep 2021

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Fresh Proxies

Fresh and updated proxies every hour.

Unlimited Usage

You can run Proxy Zone on all your computers with no problem.

Export Proxies

Proxy Zone allows to export proxies to an .txt file.

One time Purchase

One time purchase with lifetime license.

User Friendly

Proxy Zone is user friendly. One click collects you thousands of proxies.

Worldwide Proxies

Proxy Zone is a public proxy scraper, all proxies are public and located on different countries.

Yes, Proxy Zone is a one-time purchase software.

Using proxies it's a must.

You can use proxies to hide your IP and protect online privacy;

Speed up your internet;

Do safe SEO and access blocked websites.

Visit political or subversive websites without prying eyes.

Conduct financial transactions without fear of identity theft.

Unblock your favorite sites including Netflix, Facebook, Youtube.

Watch or download free movies online without restrictions.
You can download Proxy Zone right after purchase, simply click buy button and complete the purchase on PayHip!
Proxy zone can scrape thousands of proxies within a second.